Welcome to my Cake Gallery
Thanks for stopping by.  Cakes are my hobby - I have no
formal training in cake decorating (by day I'm a
software engineer, which is why I call myself the Cake
Engineer).  There are around 200 cakes here and I add
new ones all the time, so check back often.
Giant insects, a shark about to eat an unsuspecting
swimmer (and a cake with a
live shark in it!), and sexy
bikini cakes.  I once made a litter box cake that was so
Some cakes on this site are representations of trademarked characters or products.  As with most of my
creations, those cakes were made for personal consumption and no financial or non-financial consideration
was exchanged.  All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
New cakes: Well, I have new cakes, but I don't have the pictures. :(  My computer crashed, taking with it all of my cake photos. I am working on a recovery, but
this is not going to be a small task. I hope to have new photos in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!
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So, what do you get when a regular guy
designs custom cakes?
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So when my computer crashed, it not only took out my
photos, but the voting results too. I'm leaving the old
results for now, and of course they are all pretty
awesome cakes so check them out. When I recover
my data, I'll update the standings.
Baseball Glove Cake
Army Battlefield Cake
realistic some people refused to eat it.  There are gory zombie cakes, Christmas tree
cakes that light up, and all the latest
cartoon characters.  Whatever the theme, I
always want my cakes to be memorable and unique.
Bavarian Beer Babe Cake
BLT Sandwich Cake
Chef's Hat Cake
Puffin Cake
Garfield Cake
Telephone Toy Cake
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Baseball Glove Cake
Army Battlefield Cake