Norm Davis
Norm Davis
Norm is the nicest and
hardest working guy you
could meet.  You've
probably seen him as a
judge or competitor in Food
Network cake challenges.
Colette Peters
Janet Rosebeary and Ruth Rickey
Nicholas Lodge
Amie Wheeler
Nicholas Lodge
Colette Peters
Janet Rosebeary & Ruth Rickey
Amie Wheeler
Amie is an
amazing decorator
- her string work is
Nicholas, a renowned
sugar artist, runs the
International School of
Sugar Art in Georgia.
Colette is a fantastic
decorator and author
based in New York City.
Janet and Ruth are buddies from
Oklahoma.  Both are award-winning
sugar artists

Cake Buddies
Cake Shows
International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES) -
ICES is a large non-profit organization for cake enthusiasts around the world.

Maryland ICES -

Virginia ICES -

Cake and Sugar Artists of Northern Virginia (CASANOVA) -
Here are links to some of the cake shows I've competed in:

National Capital Area Cake Show -
Formerly part of the Mid-Atlantic Cake Show, the NCACS held its first show in Burke, VA in 2009.  It was a fantastic show, and gets
better every year.

Great American Cake Show -
Formerly part of the Mid-Atlantic Cake Show, this annual show is held in Westminster, Maryland (nice, because it's close to my home!).

The Art of the Cake -
The Art of the Cake is a great show held in Cleveland.

Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show -
Held annually at the Oklahoma State Fair, widely considered as the largest cake show in the country.
Anna Weisand and Becky Rink
Alaina Brillinger and Courtney Clark
Dominic Palazzolo
Anna Weisand & Becky Rink
Alaina Brillinger & Courtney Clark
Dominic Palazzolo
Both Anna and Becky are award
winning cake artists (and really
cool people), based in Ohio.
Becky -

Anna -
Courtney is a former art student
who switched to pastry and is now
a Food Network Star participating
in many Cake Challenges.  
Alaina is her trusty assistant.
Dominic owns Make Your
Own Molds in Cincinnati.
I used his Silicone
Plastique on my
Basket Cake.
Here are some of my friends in the cake decorating and sugar arts world.  They are all extremely talented - check out their websites, and buy their stuff!  Links to cake
organizations and shows are way at the bottom of this page.
Keith Ryder
Charmaine Jones
Carrie Biggers
Dianna Lopez
Beth and Ron Parvu
Toba Garrett
Susan Carberry
Anne Heap & Michelle
Carrie Biggers
Michelle Bommarito
Anne Heap and Michelle Bommarito
Carrie is an acclaimed
cake artist, instructor,
judge, and author
based in Utah.
Anne is the owner of
the Pink Cake Box
and recently competed
in two Food Network
Cake Challenges.
Keith Ryder
Charmaine Jones
Beth and Ron Parvu
Susan Carberry
Dianna Lopez
Michelle is a well-known
Food Network star and
is like the Energizer
bunny - she never

Charmaine is the Cake
Diva!  She has been
creating spectacular
cakes for celebrities
and the ultra-fabulous
for 15 years.
Keith is a phenomenal
wedding cake designer, an
internationally rec-
ognized instructor in the
sugar arts, and the
Director of the National
Capital Area Cake Show
Toba is one of the country’s
foremost artists and
in the field of cake
decorating and design.
Susan's work has won
numerous awards and
has been featured on
the Food Network's
show "Top Five."
Beth owns Sugarpaste and
co-owns Crystal
Colors with her husband Ron.
Beth is recognized around the
world for her Sugar Flowers
and award wining cake
Dianna won the Castle
Cake Challenge at the
2008 Mid Atlantic Cake
Show.  She interns at
Carlo's Bakery with Buddy
Toba Garrett
Phyllis Lester
Phyllis Lester
Phyllis is a member of the
Wilton Teacher’s Hall of
Fame and is the creator of
“Exquisite Cakes with
Incredible Taste.”
Janet Brown
Robin Bostick
Marina Sousa
Marina Sousa
Cynthia Knox
Janet Brown
Robin Bostick
Marina owns Just
Cake in the Monterey
Bay area.  She can be
seen on the Food
Network “Challenge”
series, and she also
made a guest
appearance on Oprah.
Robin's a fantastic cake
decorator and the Director
of the Garden State Cake
Janet owns The Cake
Studio in Elizabethtown,
KY. She won the
Haunted Castles Cake
Challenge at the
National Capital Area
Cake Show in 2010.
Known locally as "The
Queen of Cakes" in
Baltimore, Cynthia owns
and operates Cakes by
Cynthia Bakery. She
competed on WE TV's
Wedding Cake Wars

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Debbie Goard
Debbie Goard
Caroline Lara
Carolina Lara
Yve Rojas
Yve Rojas (Survivor)
Jade Eye
Jade Eye
Eric Woller
Eric Woller
Jay Qualls
Jay Qualls
Wayne Steinkopf
Wayne Steinkopf
Peggy Tucker
Peggy Tucker
Okay, Yve was on Survivor
Nicaragua, which has
nothing to do with cakes.
But when she was voted
off, the food she wanted
first was cake! She is from
KC, and I met her at the
show there in 2011.  
Dana Herbert
Dana Herbert
Tracy Quisenberry
Ashley Vicos
Mike Elder and Michelle Boyd
Tracy Quisenberry
Ashley Vicos
Mike Elder and Michelle Boyd
Mike Elder
Mike Elder
Debbie specializes in highly
realistic cake sculptures
and customized cupcakes.  
I am so inspired by her
work - check it out.
You probably know Jay from
TV's The Next Great Baker on
TLC; his wedding cakes are
Eric is an amazing sculptor
and was twice part of the
winning team on the TLC
Ultimate Cake Off; Eric
works for Pat Jacoby at
Patty Cakes.
Jade Eye does
exquisite work with
sugar paste and
marzipan dolls, it's
truly amazing.
Carolina's wonderful work
appeared on WE TV's  
Wedding Cake Challenge;
she owns Bella's Art
Confectionary in
Pennsburg, PA.
Wayne is co-owner of
Swank Cake Designs and is
known for his sugar paste
shoes and gems. He
appeared on TLC's
Ultimate Cake Off Top
Dogs Challenge.
Peggy owns and operates
the School of Cakeology in
Rochester, MN and travels
the world teaching sugar
art and decorating classes.
You probably know Dana
- he was the winner of
The Next Great Baker on
Tracy founded Icing
Smiles, a charity that
provides celebration
cakes for children
impacted by critical
illness. Please check
them out.
Ashley won TLC's
Ultimate Cake Off and
now she has her own
cake show on TLC, "Have
Cake Will Travel".
Three time Winner of the
Ultimate Cake Off on TLC,
Mike owns Black Sheep
Cakes in Kansas City, and
is just an amazingly
talented decorator.
Michelle has competed on
TLC cake challenges multiple
times.  She owns Good
Gracious Cakes in the
Chicago area.