Newsflash:  Extremely nice Cake Engineer
customer pulled over by cops, then gets
police escort - because of a cake!
Not too long ago, I made a Slot Machine cake for a friend at work.  I
delivered the cake to the office and then she was going to drive it home
for her mother's 69th birthday party.  The next day I got this email from her:


Thank you for that amazing and delicious cake!  My Mom was
speechless at first and then raved about it to all of her friends.

On my way home, I had my flashers on driving 40 mph on I-695.  A cop
pulled me over about half way home.  He asked me if everything was
okay.  I told him I was driving slowly because of a cake, and pointed to
the cake on the passenger side floor.  He came around to the passenger
side door, opened the door and was totally amazed with it.  He asked me
who made it, what flavor it was, and how many people it served.  I passed
on your website to him.  

He allowed me to pull out safely in front of him from the side of the road,
and then he rode behind me with his lights on so it wasn't such a shock to
the semis that use that side of the road.  He stayed with me until I got off
at my exit.  I thought you might like to hear the story that went with your
cake.  :-)