I'd love to hear from you!  If I've inspired you, send me a photo of your cake creation.  If you have some
cool cake ideas, or want to ask me how I did something, feel free to send me a message.  I do my best
to answer all questions.  Email me at
cakeengineer@davidgeaney.com, or look me up on Facebook.
An average guy by day, but at
night (after I finish dinner), I
become The Cake Engineer.
Most of the sculpted cakes begin as large sheet cakes, which are cut
and stacked to create 3-D objects.  The cake is then finished with
frosting or fondant and any finishing touches, which are generally
edible although some cakes do have props that are non-edible.  After
the cake is finished, my wife and kids come in and eat all the cake
scraps.  It's a win-win.
Cakes are my hobby, so they've got to be fun.  With that in mind, I try to
make cakes that:
Reflect a unique characteristic of the person or event for which
they are made

Are original, or at least original renditions of pop culture icons

Surprise and delight those who see and eat them (they've got to
taste as good as they look, too)
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Maryland's Howard County Times did a story on me and my cakes a
while back.  They don't have an online edition, but
click here to view a
scan of the full-page article.
If you see a Toyota Highlander with this plate - it's me (or one of my kids borrowed my car)!
We thought it would be fun to get vanity plates, so here's mine.  I wanted something closer to "Cake
Engineer" but with limited space I ended up with CAKEENG or ENGCAKE, which seemed too obscure.  My
wife suggested CAKEMAN, but it sounded like some kind of pastry superhero, too much grandiosity for a
guy who's just a humble sugar artist.  Plus I couldn't find the right tights/cape combination, so I settled
                         Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell your cakes?
I do occasionally sell my cakes in the Maryland/Northern
Virginia/DC area (I live in central Maryland).

Do you ship your cakes?
No, but if you are looking for a sculpted cake in your local area,
send me an email.  I might know a professional sugar artist near
you who could make the kind of cake you are looking for.

Do you use specially-shaped pans or templates to make your
No, everything is sculpted from stacked sheet cakes, or
sometimes molded from Rice Krispie Treats.  I do draw many of
my cakes before I start sculpting - or I find a picture on the internet
that is close to what I want, and use that as a guide.

I would rather try to make a cake than buy one, but I don't have
any cake decorating experience.  Do you have any pointers?
Sure, I'd be happy to help.  Many of the cakes you see on my site
are easily doable by a novice.  Send me an email at  
cakeengineer@davidgeaney.com and I'll respond to any questions
about particular cakes.  
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