The legs of this ant cake are
licorice and the body is covered
in black fondant.  This was a
pretty big cake that disturbed a
lot of the insectophobic guests
at the picnic.
Ant cake
Horse cake
Shark cake
Tiered Bear Cake
Sheep Cake...baaaaah
Sheep cake made for a
co-worker from New
Zealand, a country where
there are more sheep than
She seems happy...maybe
she thinks it's a dolphin.
I made this shark cake for
my youngest son's
No, this wasn't a Godfather
themed cake, just a small
cake for an equine
I made this cake for my
niece's first birthday.  The
bear on top is all cake
except for its hat.  Many of
the guests thought the bear
was a stuffed animal.  
Picture does not enlarge.
3D Cat Cake
White Tiger Cake
I made this white tiger
cake for my daughter's
14th birthday.   I used
blue Jolly Ranchers for the
White Tiger Cake
Shark Cake
Ant Cake
Sheep Cake
Horse Cake
Cat Cake
Bear Cake - Tiered
Tortoise cake
I made this tortoise cake for a
bake sale raffle at my son's
Tortoise Cake
Curious Kitten Cake
Curious Kitten Cake
A curious kitten
trying to get to the
goldfish.  All is
edible except the
glass fishbowl.
Puffin Cake
My wife loves puffins
("birds born with fabulous
eye makeup").  The nice
people at
liked it too!
Puffin Cake
A cute tabby cat named Oz.
 The cake is cute, but isn't
it a little weird to eat a cake
shaped like your pet?  But I
don't judge, I just bake.
Barrel of Monkeys Cake
Barrel of Monkeys Cake
The characters on this barrel of
monkeys cake are into all sorts
of things-boxing, rooting for the
Jets, drinking wine, and relaxing
in an inflatable pool.  
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Polar Bear Cake
Polar Bear Cake
I repurposed the board from
penguin ice fishing cake to
make this polar bear cake.  I
used pulled sugar to make
the water splashes.
Pink Elephant Graduation Cake
Pink Elephant
Graduation Cake
What a fun cake!  This
graduation cake
features a pink
elephant getting a
bubble bath in a large
barrel.  The spray of
water from the
elephant's trunk is
made from pulled sugar
draped over the end of
a champagne flute.
Alligator Cake
Alligator Cake
I just did this alligator cake for a corporate
event. I added pulled sugar "water" at the
venue, so I'll add those photos later.  
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