Icing on the Cake 2011, Kansas City, Missouri
Black Sheep Award - Extreme Cake
Black Sheep Award -
Extreme Cake
National Capital Area Cake Show 2011, Fairfax, Virginia
Great American Cake Show 2011, Westminster, Maryland
First Place - Sculpted cakes
Professional Division
Hot Dog Cake
Angry Birds Cupcakes
Third Place - Cupcakes -
Professional Division
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Zombie 3 Cake
Cheeseburger and Fries Cake
First Place - Non-Tiered -
Professional Division
Second Place - Sculpted -
Professional Division
Hot Dog Cake
Angry Birds Cupcakes
BBQ Ribs Cake
Pig on a Spit Cake
Zombie 3 Cake
BBQ Ribs Cake
Pig on a Spit Cake
BLT Sandwich Cakelet
Cheeseburger and Fries Cake
BLT Sandwich Cakelet
I really tried to think of the best cakes to
represent the theme, Kansas City.  While
KC has great history and musical traditions,
I just kept coming back to barbecue, so I
went with this rack of ribs, and the pig cake
to the right.  Got to use the blow torch on
both (bonus)!  My wife swore that just
looking at the cake made her smell ribs.
This was the first year for the Icing on the
Cake Show, hosted by Mike Elder to
support a local Kansas City charity.  To
make it more fun and casual, Mike
loosened the traditional cake show rules
and allowed non-edible props and
supports, to include electronics.  This made
for some interesting entries and let me do
a couple of things I hadn't done before, on
the Pig on a Spit cake (right).  

The theme was Kansas City, and cake
entries were done by table, so you could
enter as many cakes as you wanted that
would fit on the table.  Judging was
therefore done by table, not by individual

This unique approach was fun for the
competitors and I think the showgoers had
a lot of fun too.  Best of all, Mike raised a
lot of money for charity.  Win-Win-Win!
More cakes that look like food?  Yeah,
that seemed to be working for me this
year.  I like doing the fries especially
because it gives me another reason to
get out the blow torch.

My son Chance won at this show too, in
the Teen Division.  
Check out my kids'
page to see his amazing Taco Cake.
Cupcakes are really popular right now, so I
brought them together with the popular
game, Angry Birds.  While the game could
amuse someone for hours (ask my kids), I
think the cupcakes could be eaten in just a
few minutes.
I don't know why it's so fun to make
cakes that look like other food, but I
guess I'm not the only one who likes it -
this cheeseburger cake got first place!
Yeah, this was pretty vile, and I gotta
say it was funny to watch the folks
walking through, admiring the pretty
cakes, then reacting to mine. The
guys *loved* it!
Ok, I didn't actually enter
this one in the show, I
made it (and a couple
other similar ones) for
the charity bake sale at
the show. They went fast!
Maybe I'll make more
next year.
Because of the relaxed rules at this show, I
was able to do this Pig on a Spit Cake with a
rotating spit, electronic lights and a fog
machine for the smoke.  Many thanks to
Deann, Carlos, and little Carlitos, buddies
who live in KC and let me put this together at
their house before the show.  And, uh, sorry
about the little fog machine malfunction, I'm
sure that fog smell will be gone soon.