Mid-Atlantic Cake Show 2008
Second Place - Holiday Category -
Professional Division
Eagle Cake
An Independence Day eagle
presides over her chicks in a
licorice nest.
Eagle Cake
Third Place - Special Techniques -
Professional Division
Bear Fishing Cake
This bear is not technically a cake, it's a sugar
sculpture.  The bear and fish are gum paste,
and the water is pulled sugar.
Accordion Cake
Third Place - Novelty Cakes -
Professional Division
Yes, I played the accordion in my young,
impressionable years.  My wife still marvels that
I never used that as a pick-up line ("hey baby,
wanna hear me play the accordion?").  So this
accordion cake was a bit of a family in-joke.
Bear Fishing Cake
Accordion Cake
Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show 2008, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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