The Art of the Cake 2009, Cleveland, Ohio
Second Place - Groom's Cakes - Combined
Professional and Masters Division
Toolbox Cake
Toolbox Cake
National Capital Area Cake Show 2009, Burke, Virginia
Sewing Basket Cake
Sewing Basket Cake
Third Place - Non-Tiered
Cakes - Professional Division
First Place - Sculpted Cakes - Professional
Baseball Glove Cake
I actually made a cake like this for a friend's birthday a
couple of months before the show, but it was so popular
I decided to enter it here.  I almost never make the
same cake twice, but it paid off this time.
I spent a lot of time making the
"accessories" for this cake -
scissors, thread, pin cushion,
scissors, etc.  Everything is edible.
Baseball Glove Cake
Great American Cake Show 2009, Westminster, Maryland
Third Place - Novelty Cakes -
Professional Division
Third Place - Sculpted Cakes -
Professional Division
Grand Piano Cake
Tree Frog Cake
Hamburger Cupcakes
Tree Frog Cake
Red-Eyed Tree Frogs originate in the
rain forests of Costa Rica but they are
often kept as pets here.  My friend, an
entomologist, told me this frog was
realistic, but I was way off base in my
depiction of dragonfly behavior.  :)
Second Place - Cupcakes -
Professional Division
Hamburger Cupcakes
I made these cupcakes at the last
minute because I had batter left over
from my other cakes.  I topped them with
the burger, bun, cheese, lettuce, tomato,
red onion, and pickle slices (on mini
Grand Piano Cake
This Grand Piano cake uses
gold fondant, and silver
dragees.  There is additional
(non-edible) support
underneath the piano body.
The perfect cake for the handy groom.  The note on top is the
"honey-do" list.  The toolbox contains vise grips, hammer, file,
measuring tape, pliers, screwdriver, wrenches, Goop hand cleaner, a
level, and various nuts and bolts.
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