The Art of the Cake 2010, Cleveland, Ohio
Third Place - Winter Wonderland -
Professional Division
Penguin Ice Fishing Cake
I wanted to do something fun and really
detailed for this winter wonderland themed
cake.  The ice fishing penguin (with his hat,
pole, bench, and beer cans tucked into the
ice) has caught a fish that another penguin
has snagged. Both are on top of an igloo,
surrounded by smaller penguins playing on
the surrounding ice.
Second Place - Cupcakes -
Professional Division
Pirate Cupcakes
Penguin Ice Fishing Cake
Little Penguin
Little Penguin
Pirate Cupcakes
Pirate Cupcake
Pirate Cupcake
Pirate Cupcake
For these pirate cupcakes, I wanted to
emphasize the presentation, so I
placed the cupcakes on a desert island
with the remnants of a wrecked boat.  I
attached doubloons around the edges
of the board, and surrounded
everything with pirate-themed fabric.
National Capital Area Cake Show 2010, Fairfax, Virginia
Great American Cake Show 2010, Westminster, Maryland
Third Place - Cupcakes -
Professional Division
Fawn Cake
Sushi Cupcakes
Cake Show Ho
Cake Show Ho
This was the second year of the National Capital Area Cake Show,
and I was happy to volunteer to be part of the planning
committee.  But wow - it's a lot of work to put on a cake show!  
Which meant I didn't have much time to work on my cakes.  (As
my wife will tell you, I'm a world-class procrastinator anyway.)  At
the last minute, I decided to make the "cake show ho."  (I don't
mean to offend anyone by her name, but that's what she was
dubbed by the cake show attendees.)  With her layer cake dress,
donut purse, and cherry-on-top hat, she was literally the
embodiment of cake.  While she didn't win a prize, she was the
talk of the show.
I was looking for a display for another cake
and saw this fish plate.  I thought it would
be a great display for sushi cupcakes, as I
had recently done the
sushi cake with my
Sushi Cupcakes
Cake inspiration can come from
anywhere.  I was in a garden store
picking up some lawn supplies and
saw a little deer ornament.  So I
made it into a cake.
Fawn Cake
Second Place - Sculpted
Cakes - Professional Division
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