Blue's Clues Cake
Clown cake
Strawberry Shortcake cake
Winnie the Pooh and Piglet cake
Yu-Gi-Oh Cake
Homer Simpson after a night
at Moe's.
I made this Blue's Clues
cake for my niece.
A Strawberry Shortcake
child's birthday cake.  
This picture shows the
sculpting of the hat.
Banjo Kazooie was a
popular Nintendo
Pooh and Piglet greet a
new baby bird in a nest.  
Cake for a baby shower.
Pikachu Cake
Pikachu, a favorite
Pokemon character
Pokeball cake
Another Pokemon cake, this
time with MewTwo on a
Ash and Pikachu Cake
Barbie Cake
Ash and Pikachu cake -
again with the Pokemon
(that Pokemon thing
seemed to last forever...)
Mighty Mouse Cake
This Mighty Mouse Cake
was made for a friend
who needed a superhero
to "save her day."
Spongebob Squarepants Cake
PowerPuff Girls Cake
Harry Potter Cake
Homer Simpson Cake
Homer Simpson Cake
Mighty Mouse Cake
Yu-Gi-Oh Cake
Blue's Clues Cake
Pikachu Cake
Banjo Kazooie Cake
PowerPuff Girls Cake
Dora the Explorer Cake
Barbie Cake
Squarepants Cake
Dora the Explorer Cake
Winnie the Pooh Cake
Strawberry Shortcake
Eeyore cake
Pokeball Cake
Ash and Pikachu Cake
Clown Cake
Harry Potter Cake
Superman and Wonder Woman Cake
Superman and Wonder
Woman Cake
Dora and Diego Cake
Dora, Diego, and Boots
having an adventure in the
jeep, for a friend's 5 year
old daughter's birthday.
Chronicles of Narnia Wardrobe Cake
Chronicles of
Wardrobe Cake
Eeyore Cake
Dora and Diego Cake
Shrek cake
A nautical Shrek cake
for a friend's baby's
Shrek Cake
This was a fun cake to make,
but my sons are much older
and have moved on to other
things.  Guess I need to start
working on an Assassin's
Creed cake next.  
Spongebob is a busy
guy, but he likes to
shoot hoops to blow
off steam after his
long shifts at the
Krusty Krab.
For this Narnia cake, I
wanted to include a lot of
detail in the wood to make
it look authentic.
Mario Cake
Isn't it amazing that Mario is
still around? Mario debuted
in 1981 in the game Donkey
Kong and has been in over
200 games since then.
Mario Cake
Barbie Corvette Cake
Barbie Corvette Cake
I made this Barbie Corvette cake for
a friend's 50th birthday, because
Barbie turned 50 that same year too.
The windshield and lights are melted
peppermint candies.
Banjo Kazooie Cake
This Harry Potter and the
Goblet of Fire cake was harder
than it looks.  The lettering is
stylized and there are so
many characters on that cover!
This Superman and
Wonder Woman cake
was for two of my wife's
co-workers who were
jointly responsible for a
major, high-profile
This Clown cake was
for a friend who liked
to put on a clown
nose and wig just
prior to going through
highway toll booths.
Hello Kitty Cake
This Hello Kitty Cake was the
first of my cakes that flew on a
plane.  It went through security,
rode in the cockpit, and was
finally enjoyed by the flight
attendant's 2 year old niece.
Hello Kitty Cake
Hola Dora!  Don't forget
your backpack for your
next adventure.
Garfield Cake
Garfield Cake
Classic Garfield, ready to pounce on a
pan of lasagna.  I made this Garfield
cake for my middle son's birthday.
Click on images to view larger versions.
Princess and the Frog
For a friend’s daughter’s baby
shower.  Princess Tiana and
Prince Naveen, from the
blockbuster Disney movie,
stand below the castle tower.
Princess and the Frog Cake
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