Litterbox cake
Bikini cake
Green Day cake
Car cake
The scale of this car cake is
difficult to tell from the
photograph, but it is nearly
three feet long.  It had a fully
detailed interior with fondant
"leather" seats and dashboard.
Here's another view.
This cake's always
popular.  It's one of
the few I've made
more than once.
This Green Day album
cover cake was for my
daughter's 16th birthday.
The litter is nonpareils
painted gray with a few
blue sugar crystals mixed
in.  And for the record,
those are Baby Ruths.
Crockpot cake
I made this one for a chili cook-off.  I
placed it with the real chilis and fooled
quite a few people.  This cake even
got a few votes as best chili.  I later
made miniature versions as cupcakes.
This cake not only looked
hot, it tasted hot too - it
was chocolate habanero
Tabasco Sauce cake
Bavarian Beer Babe cake
Pirate's Treasure Chest Cake
Baby Shower Cake
Based on the bikini
I made this baby
onesie & booties
cake for a friend's
baby shower.
Everything on this pirate's
treasure chest cake is edible,
including the sand, gems, and the
treasures inside.  For the wood
look, I use chocolate fondant cut
into strips, carved with a knife &
painted for the faded/algae look.
Clock Cake
This one was for a co-worker who was leaving.  Over the
years she became attached to her office clock, and she
wanted to take it with her.  So I made her a cake in the
image of her most valued possession.  And yes, the cake
kept time!
Bavarian Beer Babe
Tabasco Cake
Pirate Treasure Chest Cake
Green Day Cake
Baby Shower
Crockpot Cake
Litterbox Cake
The Valued Clock
Clock Cake
Car Cake
Bikini Cake
Suckling Pig Cake
Suckling Pig Cake
Army Battlefield cake
This lechon, or suckling
pig, is traditionally served
at important events in
the Philippines and many
other countries as well.
Fishing Cake
Cheese Wheel Cake
Fishing Cake
Cheese Wheel Cake
I thought I'd try something
different by doing a cake in
an aquarium.  As always,
everything is edible.
This cheese wheel cake was
pretty simple but fun to
make.  The rat was realistic
enough to cause a few
screams in the office.  
Caterpillar Cake
Fire Hydrant Cake
Caterpillar Cake
Fire Hydrant Cake
A caterpillar cake for a baby
shower.  I modeled it after a
popular musical children's
Telephone Toy Cake
Telephone Toy Cake
The classic Fisher Price
telephone toy.  I made
this for my sister's birthday
(if I put her age on my
website, she'd kill me).
Crockpot Cupcake
Poodle Skirt Cake
Lingerie Party Cake
Fifties Rocker Cake
Fifties Rocker Cake
Lingerie Party Cake
A lingerie party sounds like
fun, but I was only asked to
make the cake, not attend.  
Suitcase Cake
Cheeseburger Cake
Heart Attack Cake
Calculator Cake
This suitcase cake was for a
co-worker who was moving to
North Carolina. The suitcase
came with a NC license plate
and some cruise tickets.
I made this for a friend's husband
who survived a heart attack a
couple of weeks before his birthday.
Twisted?  Yes, but you have to spit
in the Devil's eye, eh? This one's
also featured on
Cake Wrecks,
which I will take as a compliment.
I made this graphing
calculator cake for the
end-of-year party for
my son's 8th grade
I made this Cheeseburger
Cake for an office picnic. (The
Cheeseburger's proximity to
the Heart Attack cake doesn't
mean a thing!)
Cheeseburger Cake
Heart Attack Cake
Suitcase Cake
Calculator Cake
Sub Sandwich Cake
Wine Bottle
Medical Bag Cake
Purse Cake
Medical Bag Cake
Purse Cake
Sub Sandwich Cake
Whether you call it a hoagie, a
grinder, a hero, or a sub, it always
goes great with a bag of Doritos.
Okay, so this little purse
cake is no designer bag,
but it's good for everyday
(or so my wife tells me).
This medical bag cake came
fully equipped with stethoscope,
syringe, blood pressure cuff,
and bandages.
Wine Bottle Cake
I made this wine bottle
cake for a friend's
themed bridal shower.
Poodle Skirt Cake
Army Battlefield Cake
This battlefield cake
included an M1A1
Abrams Tank, a
crashed jet, and a
burning building.
A 95th birthday cake
for a long-time fire
department volunteer.
 The "water" is pulled
The leather jacket and
slicked back hair show this
guy's ready to rock and roll.
This poodle skirt cake
included a 45 record.  (For
any kids wondering what a
45 is, ask your parents.)
TV Dinner Cake
Can't you just smell the
salisbury steak, peas, and
mashed potatoes in this TV
dinner cake?  
TV Dinner Cake
Cap and Diploma Graduation Cake
Cap and Diploma Graduation Cake
This cap and diploma graduation
cake was made for a high school
grad who will be attending
Dartmouth College.  The cake
includes their mascot,
Backpack Graduation Cake
Graduation Cake
This backpack graduation
cake for a U. of Arizona
grad includes the grad's
tennis racquet and iPod.
Starbucks cake
This Starbucks cake
has only slightly more
calories than a Grande
Caramel Macchiato.
Starbucks Cake
Slot Machine Cake
Slot Machine Cake
This slot machine cake got
my friend pulled over while
driving it home.  
Click here
for the full story.  Not so
lucky, I guess.
Click on images to view larger versions.
Armored Truck Cake
I made this armored truck cake
for a friend’s 50th birthday.  She
and yes, that’s Cousin Itt and
Thing – she's also a big fan of the
Addam’s family.  
Here's another
view of the cake from the back.
Armored Truck Cake
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