Christmas Tree and Hearth cake
Christmas Chipmunk cake
Christmas House cake
Christmas Penguin cake
Christmas Tree cake
Not a gingerbread house,  
but a sculpted cake.  Got
Santa from a craft store -
he flies around on a thin
wire. The trees light up too!
Hey look, the tree
lights up!
Thanksgiving and Christmas
Easter Bunny cake
The Easter bunny cake
sits on green grass and
jelly beans.
Spider cake
Spider cake
Witch's Cauldron cake
Witch's Cauldron cake
Devil cake
Vampire cake
Skull Cake
This skull cake is really
easy to make - try it
out next Halloween;
the eyeballs are
This witch's cauldron cake had gummy
worms and critters inside; the fireplace logs
are pretzel sticks.
This creepy spider cake was the perfect Halloween
This was a birthday cake
for my middle child (who
loves vampire stories).  
Valentine's Day cake
Valentine's Day cake
designed to look like a box of
bought the truffles and decorated
them with the same frosting as the
cake to tie the colors together.
Valentine's Day
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Easter Chick cake
A quick cake I did
for a family
Grim Reaper cake
This was actually a
birthday cake but it
seemed to fit here.  
The Reaper's clock
was a real timepiece.
Christmas House Cake
Christmas Tree Cake
Christmas Penguin
Christmas Chipmunk Cake
Christmas Cake - Hearth
and Tree
Easter Bunny Cake
Easter Bunny Cake
Easter Chick Cake
Devil Cake
Skull Cake
Grim Reaper Cake
Witch's Cauldron Cake
Spider Cake
Valentine's Day Cake
Valentine's Day
Melting Snowman Cake
The top hat and neck
are cake, the scarf
and facial features
are fondant.
Igloo Cake
Igloo Cake
This Eskimo is ice fishing
while the rest of his
family is in the igloo.   
Northern Lights display in
the background.
Autumn Haystack Cake
Autumn Haystack Cake
This Autumn Haystack Cake
features fondant leaves
and a fondant wagonwheel
in the background.
Zombie Cake
Nutcracker Cake
Snowman Cake
A traditional Christ-
mas nutcracker.
Bumble, from the classic
TV Christmas special
"Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Gory, repulsive, vile, and creepy,
this zombie cake is everything a
Halloween cake should be.
Nutcracker Cake
Abominable Snowman Cake
Zombie Cake
This devil cake kinda
resembles a guy I
bought a used car
from once.
Christmas Pug Cake
Awww, those pug dogs' little
squished up faces just make us
smile and say "Merry Christmas."  
Or "poor thing."
Christmas Pug Cake
Melting Snowman
Vampire Coffin Cake
The stockings on the
fireplace have names on
them, and the tree lights up!
Bat Cake
Zombie 2 Cake
Zombie 2 Cake
Bat Cake
I had so much fun with the first
zombie cake, I did another one
this year.  Halloween is the best
holiday for cakes!
A quick Halloween
cake I did for an
office party.
Click on images to view larger versions.
Thanksgiving Turkey Cake
Thanksgiving Turkey Cake
I made this turkey cake for my
youngest son’s school festival.  The
roasted look comes from blow-
torching the caramel covering (blow
torch = fun, always).
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