Brazilian Flag cake
Globe cake
Pizza cake
NOT Pizza!  The trickery
relies on cashews, candied
fruit, jam, and coconut.
I made this globe cake
for my wife's 29th
birthday, before I really
started doing serious
decorating.  I had to work
to make sure it was
topographically correct.
Here's another view.
These watermelon
slices accompanied the
ant cake for the picnic.
Watermelon cake
This cake was made for a
coworker who was leaving
the division - so we gave
him the boot.
Boot Cake
Pizza Cake
Boot Cake
Globe Cake
Watermelon Cake
Brazilian Flag Cake
Helmet and Gas Can Cake
Helmet and Gas Can Cake
The helmet and gas can was
made for a co-worker who ran
out of gas on his motorcycle
and had to push it two miles
to the nearest gas station.
Jalapeno Pepper Cake
Jalapeño Pepper Cake
These enormous peppers,
next to a bowl of chili with
cheese (all cake & fondant, of
course) was a favorite dessert
at a local chili cookoff.
This was a birthday cake
for our au pair, Bia, who
is from Brazil.
Guitar Cake
Gumball Machine
Guitar Cake
Briefcase Cake
Island Paradise Cake
The glass noodles I used
for the strings curled up
when they dried. It looked
like  the guitar had been
completely shredded in
an awesome concert, so I
left them that way.
This Island Paradise cake, made for a friend's son's Bar
Mitzvah, was especially fun to make.  I made multiple
levels and used rectangular glass vases for support.  
The vases had live fish and sharks swimming in them to
create a realistic undersea environment.  Live sharks in
a cake - how cool is that? The cake was a great display
item as guests searched for all the details, like the
wrecked ship, scuba divers, sunbathers, monkeys,
starfish, coral, sunken treasure chest, surfer, crashed jet
skier, surfboards, coconuts, and beer cooler.
Island Paradise Cake
Island Paradise Cake - Coral
Island Paradise Cake - Coral
Island Paradise Cake - Surfer
Gumball Machine Cake
Briefcase Cake
I engineered this
cake to actually
dispense gumballs.
This briefcase cake was for a
friend who was retiring. The
combination on the lock is the
year he retired.
Coach Handbag Cake
I'll never understand women's
obsession with handbags, but
this Coach Handbag Cake was
a big hit for my friend's 40th
birthday.  Trivia note: the
Coach creators were inspired
baseball gloves.
Coach Handbag Cake
Phase 10 Cake
Chef's Hat Cake
Chef's Hat Cake
Phase 10 Cake
I made this for my older
daughter, who was attending
culinary school. (The hat is
called a toque, but I only
know that because I saw the
Apparently, Phase 10 is this
hugely popular game, but
somehow I missed it.  I
guess I need to stop
working so much and get a  
hobby...oh, wait....
Retirement Cake
This retirement cake was for a senior vice
president at a local company, Soza & Co.  
The cake includes a sandy beach, waterfall,
boulders, and even a log with a turtle
basking on it.
Fishing Retirement Cake
Unisys Badge Cake
Unisys Badge Cake
The County Executive
attended the official
opening of a Unisys
facility, so I made him a
Mardi Gras Parade Float Cake
Broken Leg Cake
Broken Leg Cake
Mardi Gras Parade Float
I love the bright colors of
this fun parade float
cake, done for a Mardi
Gras themed Bar Mitzvah
celebration.  You can
almost hear the jazz
music in the air...
Not long before her
promotion party, the
newly minted Colonel
broke her leg.  Thus the,
um, unusual cake.
Kitchen Cake
Kitchen Cake
I made this kitchen cake for
my daughter, who's
attending culinary school.  
The tiles on the floor are
fondant, as well as all of the
food and appliances along
the countertops.
Coach Hamptons Handbag Cake
Fendi Handbag cake
Pink Handbag Cake
Coach Hamptons Handbag
I donated this handbag
cake for a silent auction
benefiting a local suicide
prevention charity.
Pink Handbag Cake
Another handbag cake. This one
cannot claim designer status, like
the Fendi and Coach bags above,
but it still got great reviews.
These are actually pretty fun to
make, as fondant is easy to
give the leather look. If I know
the recipient likes a particular
designer, I'll model the cake
after a specific bag.
Fendi Handbag Cake
John Deere Mower Cake
John Deere Mower Cake
Cruise Ship Register
Cruise Ship Cake
I made this cruise ship cake for a couple
who were actually getting married on a
cruise ship (awesome!).  The cake is
modelled after the actual ship, and the
flags spell out their names.
What a great birthday gift - a
John Deere riding mower.  This
fine piece of machinery
includes a little soda to keep
the hard working mower cool
while doing his yardwork.
Click on images to view larger versions.
Laughing Buddha Cake
Laughing Buddha Cake
The Laughing Buddha
(Hotei) represents
happiness, good luck, and
plenitude.  I made this
laughing Buddha cake for
my son’s class on
comparative religions.
Record Player Cake
Record Player Cake
Okay, so my kids don't
what a record player is, but
this cake was old school,
rockin' Queen's Bohemian
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Diaper Bag Cake
Diaper Bag Cake
Saxophone Cake
Guess Purse Cakelet
Saxophone Cake
The hot pink and leopard
print pattern match the new
baby's room.  I did pulled
sugar to make the nipple
on the baby bottle look
A quick birthday
cake for my older
I had some leftover
cake when I was
making my cake show
entries, so I made
this very tiny purse
Guess Purse Cakelet