Golf bag cake
Baseball Stadium cake
Basektball and shoe cake
Boxing Glove cake
Yankees cake
Savate (Kickboxing) team cake
Soccer Ball and Cleat cake
This cake was made for
one of my wife's
kickboxing teammates'
birthday.  It was designed
to match the team t-shirt.
Snowtubing cake
I made this snow tubing
cake for my daughter's
birthday party.
Tennis Racquet Cake
Baltimore Ravens Helmet Cake
Texas Stadium Cake
Texas Stadium Cake
Soccer Cleat Cake
Texas Stadium - former home of the Dallas Cowboys.  The top
was removable to see the field and the stands.  Maybe they'll
invite me down to do a cake for the new stadium...
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Texas Stadium Cake
Baltimore Ravens
Helmet Cake
Tennis Racquet
Texas Stadium Cake
Soccer Cleat Cake
Golf Bag Cake
Basketball Cake
Baseball Stadium Cake
Kickboxing Cake
Soccer Ball and Cleat
Boxing Glove Cake
Snowtubing Cake
Soccer Backpack Cake
For a young Yankees
fan's birthday.
Designed to match my
daughter's soccer team's
backpacks.  It's all
edible except the netting.
Sports Bag Cake
Sports Bag Cake
This sports bag cake holds a
football, soccer ball, and
cleat, and lays on top of a
lacrosse stick.  Even the
netting was edible.
Baseball Glove Cake
Spongebob Squarepants -
Redskins Cake
Spongebob Squarepants - Redskins
Yes, Spongebob is a Redskins
fan. Considering how things
are going for the Skins,
Spongebob may be called in to
help out on the O-line, or on
the defense, or special teams,
Baseball Glove Cake
Redskins Sports Bag Cake
Redskins Sports Bag Cake
This Redskins Sports Bag cake
was for one of my wife's
friends.  It's actually really tiny
(I think it served 10), which is
a challenge in itself.
I made this boxing glove
cake for my wife's kickboxing
team party.  Yes, my wife
kickboxes, and I bake cakes.
[Insert your own joke here.]
Wii Tennis Cake
Wii Tennis Cake
This baseball glove cake was for a
friend who was a Nats fan.  I hope
this cake made him happier than
the Nats did (they were going
through a somewhat lengthy
rough patch...).
This Ravens Helmet
cake was autographed
by Ray Lewis...or so I
told my son.  (Well, it
looks authentic.)
I weaved Asian glass
noodles to make the
strings on this tennis
racquet cake.
This Wii Tennis cake features
the recipient's and a friend's
Mii characters.
This golf bag cake
was the first
fondant covered
cake I ever made.
Sports cakes with balls and
shoes on them are very
popular.  Here's one with a
basketball; elsewhere on
the page there are soccer
ones too.
Redskins Jersey Cake
Redskins Jersey Cake
This Redskins Jersey cake
was for my wife's
birthday...I'll let you
guess which birthday it
Yankees Cake
New York Giants Cake
New York Giants Cake
I donated a cake to the
Washington Nationals Dream
Foundation charity auction.  The
winner asked for this cake for
her husband's 50th birthday.
Washington Capitals Cake
Lacrosse Helmet Cake
Hockey Glove Cake
Washington Capitals Cake
Hockey Glove
Lacrosse Helmet Cake
I made this cake for a Washington Capitals fan's
bar mitzvah celebration.  The board is the
hockey rink, and the bag (containing a full
complement of hockey gear) sits over a hockey
stick. The skate looks pretty cool, right? I had a
bit of cake left over, so I used it along with some
giant marshmallows to make the hockey glove
cake. Later I made a smaller version of the
hockey skate out of rice krispie treats for an avid
hockey player and Boston Bruins fan.
My middle son plays
lacrosse, so he asked me to
make this lacrosse helmet
cake for a team party,
complete with the River Hill
High School hawk mascot.
Hockey Skate
Hockey Skate Cake
NY Jets Helmet Cake
NY Jets Helmet
This Jets helmet cake
was for one of my wife's
buddies.  I'm getting
good at the autograph
thing, eh?  Maybe I could
put that to profitable use
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